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Best HDTV customer ratings 2014


If you are a movie enthusiast and you want to take your cinema experience in the privacy of your home a HDTV can do wonders for you. Top rated HDTVs don`t come cheap though, but if money doesn`t get in your way then you will love the features that the next selected items have. Based on the best HDTV reviews the following suggestions will impress through the quality of their picture and sound, plus the smart TV feature.


Here are the top models we recommend:

Available Sizes
Our rating
Best Price on:
Samsung UN65HU9000 Curved 3D Smart LED HDTV55 inches, 65 inches, 78 inches$$$$$A+AMAZON
Toshiba 50L3400U Smart LED TV440 inches, 50 inches$$CAMAZON
Vizio M652i-B2 65-Inch 1080 Smart LED TVvizio32 inches, 42 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches, 65 inches, 70 inches, 80 inches$$$$A+AMAZON
Samsung UN60HU8550 3D Smart LED HDTV250 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, 85 inches$$$$B+AMAZON
Samsung PN64H5000 Plasma HDTV364 inches$$$AAMAZON

Vizio M652i-B2 65-Inch 1080 Smart LED TV 


vizioThe Vizio M652i-B2 is a popular choice for a LED TV in 2014 because it has all the necessary features of a top model. The picture quality is impressive, managing to offer natural-like colors and shades for a superior video experience. An excellent contrast level is possible thanks to the innovative Active Pixel Tunning technology developed by VIZIO. The integrated Wi-Fi lets you have a strong internet connection, guaranteeing fast streaming possibilities for movies and other contents. If you like to watch fast action movies or sport events, you will be pleased to know that this LED TV has a 240 Hz refresh rate. The energy consumption rate will lower your electricity bills, thus saving you money in the long term. With the Smart App that is included in this TVs package you will be able to control easily every feature related to the picture quality or internet browsing.

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Samsung UN65HU9000 Curved 3D Smart LED HDTV


Our experts were absolutely blown away by the picture quality offered by this state-of-the-art LED HDTV from Samsung. The Full HD resolution is a thing of the past because the UN65HU9000 can support UltraHD 4K pictures. This will guarantee you a video quality like you have never seen before, making the colors brighter and the shades darker. Other than the lifelike picture quality, you will also have the option of upscaling any HD or Full HD content to an UHD 4K resolution. This will allow you to watch movies, TV programs, sport events or play games in the best video quality available on the market. The threat of motion blur is eliminated by the 120Hz refresh rate. To connect it to all sorts of devices is not too difficult because it’s equipped with multiple HDMI and USB ports. On top of all these leading features this HDTV has a splendid modern design.

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LG Electronics 50LB6300 Smart LED TV 


lgAre you interested in improving your movie video experince by investing in a new smart LED TV? Our expert team suggests getting the LG 50LB6300 because it’s able to support a stunning Full HD resolution vide quality and has an excellent price for a customer with an average budget. This TV is fitted with 3 HDMI and four USB ports, so you can easily connect it to all sorts of HD devices. If you like to play video games, then this TV is great for this role because it comes with a 120Hz refresh rate. One TV accessory to look forward to is the Magic Remote, which will even allow you to control your home theater system, AV receiver, Blu-ray player and many more. And finally, free of charge, you will have premium access to sites like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Youtube. All these features have convinced us to recommend it as a great choice for a HDTV in 2014.

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Samsung UN60HU8550 3D Smart LED HDTV


2If you are looking for a new generation HDTV with a slim design, then we recommend investing in the Samsung UN60HU8550. With this 3D HDTV you will experience a full cinematic experience, being able to view any movie or TV channel in UltraHD 4K. This Smart TV guarantees a great contrast level, even for dark levels and the PurColor Technology gives you the option to view any video in natural color shades. Streaming contents from different sites is done in a jiffy and its Smart remote with a built-in microphone will give you the chance to give it voice commands. This 3D HDTV from Samsung is excellent for playing video games because it uses the Clear Motion Rate 1200 system, preventing the blur effect from appearing. Its top performance level is largely due to its Quad Core Processor and the HDTV is also capable of delivering a 5.1 surround sound.

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Samsung PN64H5000 Plasma HDTV


3After carefully analyzing different reviews and customer reports about this Plasma HDTV from Samsung, our expert team has come to the conclusion that this model is definitely worth buying. There are very few HDTVs which have the level of performance of the Samsung PN64H5000 when it comes to video games. This is largely due to the 600 Hz subfield motion which will also allow you to watch fast action movies or different sporting events. The HDTV doesn’t neglect the audio quality either, because it can support Dolby MS10 and DTS studio sound formats.  The energy consumption rate is much lower if compared with other HDTVs in this price range, lowering your yearly electricity bills. On top of all this, the Samsung PN64H5000 comes with a very pleasant design, typical for HDTVs made by this brand.

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Toshiba 50L3400U Smart LED TV


4Toshiba 50L3400U Smart LED TV can prove to be a great option if you are searching for an affordable model. The Full HD picture quality will grant you the opportunity to watch all sorts of TV channels or movies in a top video quality. Getting this LED TV will give you access to all kind of apps and will allow you to stream movies from Netflix, Youtube or other similar sites. Connecting it to other devices like an AV receiver or a blu-ray player is not difficult because this LED TV is fitted with 3 HDMI ports. The menu won’t prove to be too complicated to use and its remote will grant you access to all its options. For this price range the Toshiba 50L3400U is one of the best options you can invest in, being recommended by our expert team.

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If you decide to buy the Sony KDL55HX850 you will get stunning picture quality. This HDTV is Full HD and at the same time has 3D capabilities, without loosing any image detail or clearness. The wonderful pictures are possible because of the high performance X-Reality PRO Picture Engine. Night scenes are very well displayed, boosting the contrast so the result is more realistic. You can connect to the internet and have access to Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

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LG Cinema Screen 55LM8600 Cinema 3D LED-LCD HDTV


The LG Cinema 55LM8600 combines to perfection looks and performance. A very futuristic and sleek design will add to the beauty of your room. The Full HD image will ensure that you will see your selected movie in the best way possible. Excellent smart TV characteristics with a fast and reliable internet connection so you can stream movies, videos or chat with friends via online socializing sites.

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Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST60 Full HD 3D Plasma TV


Many customers agree that the Panasonic TC-P60ST60 is one of the best HDTVs 2014 available. It is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi so you can watch movies straight off the internet. The 600 Hz refresh rate is blur proof so you can watch the games of your favorite team without any annoying defects. Its performance in dark rooms is astonishing because of the self-illuminating panels.

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VIZIO M3D651SV Razor LED Smart 3D HDTV


The Vizio M3D651SV combines great imaging with superb surround sound. You will be able to watch whatever you want and play any game you like on it, in 2D and in 3D as well. The sound is so clear and crisp because this TV has the SRS Studio Sound HD technology. It also comes with a smart remote plus a full keyboard so you can quickly write the name of the movie or track that you want to search for online. This makes it the best HDTV 2014.

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Haier LE55B1381 Slim LED HDTV


Clear pictures, a sleek and slim design is what the Haier LE55B1381 has to offer. The high picture quality is guaranteed by its 1080p Full HD capabilities. Even though it has great performances it doesn`t need a lot of power, being very energy efficient. Moving pictures have next to no blur thanks to the 120 Hz Full Motion Refresh Rate. And for a fantastic sound there are two 10W integrated speakers.

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Samsung UN55EH6000


Lost in a thought on how to buy a decent LED TV that is affordable? We know how hard it may seem given the availability of hundreds of models present on the market. From these, buying a tasteful LED TV with significant features as well as quality performance may seem an exhausting endeavor. But once you go through this Samsung UN55EH6000 review, you may not have to worry much longer. This top HDTV is clearly enough to fill your requirements for a LED TV. The Samsung UN55EH6000 is widely considered as one of the top HDTVs 2014.

This 55 inch screen is ideal for any bigger rooms or restaurant settings. Elegantly designed with 0.75 inch wide black bezel frame the TV can stand tall on its strong still stand. Bearing a 3.7 inch depth due to its LED back-light feature, this elegant TV represents a great asset for anyone.

The first thing that pops in mind is how good picture quality is. This full High Definition (HD) quality TV boasts a 1080p resolution and has a refresh capacity of 120Hz. Combining all these the TV is able to produce bright and sharp images. Its reflection free Semi-Matte screen finish ensures better images in a brightly lit room especially when the light is behind the viewer. With better accuracy in color rendition, the TV gives out natural and lifelike color.

Apart from the back-light which keeps the color from fading; the TV is also equipped with an advanced Wide Color Enhancer and calibration capability resulting in sharper picture quality.

Still for greater flexibility, the picture settings of this TV can be customized as the options include Auto Motion Plus de-judder, five gamma choices, and two-point gray-scale color management system. Easily navigable through the TV menu by the accompanied fully back-lit remote control, this model is pretty user friendly compared to its competitors of the same category. Samsung UN55EH6000 deals are widely available on the Internet and a careful search may also bring you to attractive Samsung UN55EH6000 discounted price offers. But even if you are not yet convinced then you may also like to know about this TV’s amazingly clear side angle viewing technology. Moreover, with two HDMI ports, one USB 2.0 port, and one digital audio output the TV allows you to play photos and videos on its big screen.

With enough movies available on the Samsung’s Connect Share network, you can get access to Hulu, Amazon Video-On-Demand, and Netflix.

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Samsung PN51E550


The first time we had heard about plasma TVs, it was not possible for everyone to buy one due to the high price. Call it market competition or customer friendly approach, manufacturers are keen to introduce products that will be worthy of your hard earned money.

So if you are in the hunt for a good quality plasma TV that won’t make a big hole in your budget, we suggest you to go for Samsung PN51E550 deals.This top HDTV is not only 3D enabled but also has a Smart TV interface. Sleek design with a depth of 2.75 inch, the striking black plastic bezel framed TV comes with a clear acrylic finish.

Standing on a clear cylindrical stand, the TV can also be swiveled around on its stand.  Easily blending into any contemporary settings this model can be a perfect showpiece for any room . Here is the Samsung PN51E550 review for your reference.

Now the most important feature of a TV is how it performs as a TV and being a Samsung product, this TV is advanced enough to suite your needs. Since its introduction, the Samsung PN51E550 ratings have been excellent due to affordability and performance. Together with 3D technology and 1080p resolution, this TV is competent enough to give quality image output and some good dark and light color contrast too. With its continuous effort to give the customers better products, Samsung has enhanced their products in many ways. This particular model of TV comes with all the good qualities of a plasma TV. Viewing images in this TV is friendly to the eyes owing to its all natural hue.

Another interesting feature of this TV is its 3D entertainment. Just put on the latest enhanced lightweight 3D glasses from Samsung and indulge yourself into the world of extremely detailed three dimensions. Regarding connectivity this TV doesn’t give you any pain.

Ready with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity the TV is easily connectable to the home network. Saving you from extra wire tangles this TV comes with some pretty cool applications. With the best TV browser available within its system whether you play angry birds, watch some science project on the Discovery channel, call your friend, manage your social media accounts or simply stream unlimited movie options; this TV allows to have one platform to do these all. As a part of new applications offering the TV has included HBO Go and Family story permitting you excellent video quality with full picture adjustment and family memorabilia pictures to be stored in a cloud. Favored for its pricing, a good number of Samsung PN51E550 discounted price offers can be found on the internet.

So if you are serious enough to buy this TV, you may also like to know that this TV comes with an ergonomically designed bright buttoned remote control and at the same time is compatible with a keyboard as a result of Wi-Fi connectivity.

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LG 60PA6500


This LG 60PA6500 for sale is actually the most affordable LG model to date and although it is not up to par with some of the models in the market, the price point for this model is still enticing enough for people. Furthermore, it also provides decent features that most people would approve of. If you want to know more about this top HDTV unit, just continue to read this LG 60PA6500 review.

While this particular TV from LG is the cheapest, it has 1080p resolution which is enough to produce high quality images; this unit specifically produces great colors.

But there are also some things that need improvement such as the black levels on this TV that actually results to a decrease in the contemporary feel to the picture. Some consumers state that is actually not its biggest problem, actually some people still prefer the Samsung E450 that has a similar features but is even more affordable than the cheapest LG unit. Although it’s not the best, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do a good job in displaying clear images.

When it comes to the model’s picture settings, like the unit that it preceded, the PA4500 , the PA6500  provides a lot of adjustment for making the images perfect for the user. Furthermore, this TV is equipped with an energy saving mode which is always a good thing to have, however, like most “extras” like this, it can actually weaken the light output which can result to very dim images, this is actually also an observation on some of the LG 60PA6500 ratings and reviews done by people who have already purchased this unit.

Another great reason why you people can still be enticed with the offer of LG 60PA6500 discounted price is the fact that this LG unit has a full HD resolution of 1080p. Naturally, units that are pricier will have more features to showcase. But with all the basic things that you need from TV especially if you’re really not a heavy user, this model should be enough to satisfy your viewing experience.

There is an upgraded model: LG Electronics 60PN6500. Click here to read more!


Panasonic Viera TC-L55E50


When the TV is no longer only a TV and when such devices start to become widely available, the first person to get confused is YOU. To help you in making this important decision concerning an investment of considerable size, the HDTV reviews 2014 will assist you in finding out more about the product.

Elegantly designed , this sleek 55 inch black Smart TV comes framed in a glossy exterior. Standing on the clear bottom bezel, this top HDTV can easily become the centerpiece of your living room.

Even though it’s a Smart TV, its image quality  is not going to disappoint. The experience of viewing beautiful images through the 178° angle is amazing. Allowing the opportunity to see the same angle from any position inside the room certainly puts the TV within the top notch smart TV lines. The IPS LED paneled TV also has stunning back-light to enhance your viewing experience.

Carefully constructed on oblique lines and edging technology, it is assured that the output will be beautiful, crisp and of perfect precision. This smart TV is also made to correct and smooth a person’s complexion for natural hues. A feast for the eyes, this brilliant TV produces noise free lines and the crisp representation.

However the TV can be adjusted for color temperature and picture tone smoothing with three preset options for each. As a result survey results and customer feedback of hundreds of satisfied customers has shown the Panasonic Viera TC-L55E50 ratings to go higher and higher over the years. The budget friendly pricing of the TV has also made Panasonic Viera TC-L55E50 deals into hottest items. Now talking about the smart TV features, this model has an easy interface with eight grid tiles.

The TV is fully able to support apps like Netflix and Skype. Then again a Smart TV is not a real smart one if it does not have enough connectivity to other mediums.  It has an array of ports consisting of 4 HDMI inputs, 1 hybrid component/composite adapter, 2 USB connectors, and 1 Ethernet connection. Though wired for Ethernet connections, the TV can also be upgraded with a wireless dongle for a small fee. Coming with a comprehensive yet compact remote control, the TV or other peripheral systems are easy to use from the comfort of your couch. Wi-Fi ready and environmentally friendly thanks to its reduced power consumption, this is one product you can be proud of.

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Samsung UN46ES6500


With This Samsung UN46ES6500, it is pretty obvious that the leading brand Samsung is making a statement when it comes to TV design. This unit has a black finish which is more appealing because of its classy and elegant appearance. It has a gorgeous base that is eye popping and if you’re the type who loves a good looking HD TV this might be the unit for you. But if you want to know more about the features and specifications of this unit keep reading the Samsung UN46ES6500 review and decide if the model is good enough for you.

Fortunately, not only does this product look good, but it also has awesome features that make the images displayed and shown in superior quality with precision and clarity.

There are a number of ports on this unit and the colors processed by this TV are vivid. Moreover, the 3D viewing experience on this TV is great.

Just one look at this Samsung unit and all you can think about is how sleek and elegant it looks. The black bezel and the slim trimming of the sides add extra attractiveness to the look of the TV.

Furthermore, what’s interesting about the unit from Samsung is the base that is sits on because rather than the customary or the traditional slate that you can see from other models, this one rests on a four-legged base that looks similar to birds feet. Moreover, the base looks suitable and looks perfectly matched with the rest of the television unit, and this is what sets it apart from the other brands onthe market today.

When it comes to the TV controls, there is a single button that is situated on the right part of the rear of the TV. When you press the button it will show you a menu that you can browse or navigate just by moving the button down, up, right or left. The selection on the menu will show you a selection of input control, the smart hub and also the power off.

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